Sport consulting group dedicated to providing services, which relieve clients of the non-playing activities associated with their primary tasks in sport, especially football. Whether you are a player, a non player or an employer (Clubs, Sponsors, Media etc), SCG (FIFA Licensed Football Agent) can provide a reliable and dependable service to meet your individual needs.

We are very passionate about what we do. The licensed players’ agent, former midfielder Vidas Adomaitis and his mates Algirdas Vaitkevičius, Gediminas Zaborskis has gathered around themselves a very professional team to provide our clients a total sports service. They search for potentially talented footballers, sign professional contracts, make national and international transfers, organize internships in foreign clubs, ensure special medical care and provide legal services. In addition to its extensive football activities, SCG also operates in the field of marketing and PR.

At Sport consulting group we orientate players to form self-consciousness on its specific set of abilities and developmental and learning path. Our focus is to trigger and orientate players to challenge themselves to find ways to improve and learn on a daily basis. We and our colleagues are trying to create the conditions for our players that allow them to concentrate fully on their performance, and bring them as much happiness in their sporting carrier as it is possible. In addition a highly experienced and qualified team makes every effort to alleviate the increasing pressures experienced by players from media commercial considerations and financial matters.

SCG is founded on the proponent of professionalism and transparency. Agency aims to help our clients accomplish their short, medium and long term goals.

Sport consulting group – FIFA Licensed Football Agent

“When building a team, I always search first for people who love to win. If I can‘t find any of those, I look for people who hate to lose” (H.Ross Perot)


T.Papečkys will play in Estonia till summer

11/03/2010 16:50
Lithuanian defender Tadas Papečkys wrote contract with Estonian highest division runners-up Kalev Silemae.  In Estonian club defender will play till July. Last season T.Papečkys played in Poland second division LKS Lodz team.

G.Grigas team defeat

06/03/2010 17:41
Friday Gvidas Grigas RFCL “Liege” team away 0:1 (0:1) lost Belgium second division match “Mons” team. After this defeat “Liege” remain in last place. Lithuanian defender G.Grigas play all game.

M.Grigalevičius signed with "Mika"

01/03/2010 17:28
Lithuanian forward Mindaugas Grigalevičius next season will play in Armenian championship.  28 years old striker today signed contract with “Mika" club. Last season “Mika” took second place in Armenian „Premier“ league and this year will play in Europe league tournament. M.Grigalevičius last...